Peter Stormare - Reverand Roy

Currently finished playing mobster John Abruzzi in the hit TV series “Prison Break”, Peter Stormare has had pivotal roles in indie classics as well as major studio releases. A favorite of the Coen brothers, he is easily remembered stuffing Steve Buscemi into the tree grinder in the smash hit “FARGO” and as the Nihilist Karl Hungus in “The Big Lebowski”. He removed Tom Cruise's eyes as the insane Dr. Solomon Eddie in “Minority Report” and played Serge Muscat in the multiple Oscar nominated “Chocolat”. Peter also starred opposite Bjork and Catherine Deneuve in Lars Von trier's critically acclaimed “Dancer in The Dark” which went on to win the Palme d'Or top award at the 2000 Cannes film festival and also won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Foreign Film.

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